The new standard of care for anesthesia

Our AI-driven solution predicts intraoperative complications to save millions of lives every year supporting anesthesiologists with the best decision-making for their patients.

About Aisthesis

A comprehensive intra-op decision support tool

What we envision is to offer a product that covers the entire perioperative treatment spectrum, able to be integrated into any patient monitoring device.

  • User-friendly

    Our solution comes with a user-friendly mobile UI that can be easily learnt by anaesthesiologists and does not interfere with the surgical workflow.

  • Modality Agnostic

    Aisthesis can be integrated on any medical monitoring equipment already available in the market.

  • EHR Integratable

    Seamless access across a wide range of electronic medical records to synthesize and automate clinical workflow for greater efficiency.

  • Multi-complication

    Our cutting-edge AI accurately predicts whether one or multiple intraoperative complications occur, allowing for early interventions.


Our knowledge graph on top of all your data

Our AI-powered software processes all the pre- and intraoperative patient’s data creating a digital representation of the patient.

Having such an automated monitoring framework, hospitals will be able to offer high-tech, accurate and efficient care to their patients. In addition, establishing a real-time monitoring pipeline, efficiency in clinical routines is achieved by means of operation excellence, lower costs for treatments and increased revenue for the hospitals. Storing all patient monitoring data on a platform and accessing them from different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.) for managing data not only saves time, but also enhances patient experience and therapy adherence.

annual opearations
310 M

Annual operations

77.5 M

Patients with complications

12 %

In-hospital complications

annual speding
860 B

Annual Speding

Working Process

How it works?

Login at Aisthesis

Initially, the anesthesiologist logs-in in the application with his credentials. Here either can register himself or sign in. The moment you login we start retrieving health records for your patients. Seamlessly and in a GDPR compliant way.

First, we retrieve EHR data that includes pre-operative medical exams, demographics and commorbidities for each patient.

In a personalized way you could view, schedule and adjust your current or upcoming operations.

how it works image

Overview of operations

The first thing you see after log-in is the overview of the current operations in the different operating theaters. At just a glance you could spot if one patient is at risk. Immediately you could intervene by clicking at the corresponding tab and observe your patient's vitals. This is just the start of the potential at your hands.

In your patient screen you could notice your patient's heart rate, oxygen saturation and blood pressure. Is this not sufficient? You could fully customize and add more vitals. Just on the right you see all the information about this operation and the patient including his past medical history! You already start to see the bigger picture. But there is more.

On top of all this, you have the power of predictive analytics at your hands. Our AI algorithm points you the timestamp in the future minutes where your patient is at risk. A indicative point marks on the vitals time-series the unwanted complication that soon will happen. An explanation of the reasons for this potential complication and a powerful reccommendation engine will soon pop-up helping you intervene immediately. We offer thus the AI and you offer the optimal treatment!

overview of operations

Post-hoc reports

Congratulations! You successfully treated your patients. Now every information for each operation is stored in an insightful post-hoc report.

Our platform generates a document that summarizes the data collected in the operation including vitals, complications and actions.

In this way, you could review it anytime, infer important statistics and prepare for upcoming operations

post hoc reports
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