Enabling clinicians to provide personalised hemodynamic management

We combine clinical multi-modal data with cutting-edge AI to provide the world's first intraoperative intelligent platform, transforming the way surgical patients are monitored and treated.

Hemodynamic management in surgery

AistheSightTM leverages a large volume of clinical and patient data to provide highly accurate predictive clinical analytics. Using an advanced analytics engine, our technology can identify connections between real-time physiological data and underlying medical conditions. Our system can detect any changes in a patient's condition in real-time, which could signify potentially life-threatening situations. Our AI-powered platform offers a wide range of benefits, including scalability, interoperability, robustness, and security. Hospital management and medical staff can leverage our preemptive information to make more informed decisions and better manage their resources.

Key Features

Utilising clinical data

AistheSight harnesses the full range of available EMR patient and medical device data. Utilising Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and high-fidelity patient data in real-time, our predictive models accurately predict when a patient is at risk of an intraoperative hypotension event.

Seamless cross-platform integration

Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing EMRs and medical devices, allowing healthcare providers to easily access and analyse patient data. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and helps improve efficiency in the OR

Flexible scalable deployment

AistheSight is fully scalable and can be deployed either on-premises or on our secured cloud, depending on the needs of your healthcare organization. The cloud-based option of our platform is designed to be scalable, making it ideal for surgical centres of any size. It offers the flexibility to easily add storage, computing power, and other services, allowing for seamless scalability and cost optimization. The high level of scalability provided by AistheSight meets the demanding disaster recovery requirements, guaranteeing business continuity and uninterrupted availability of the clinical service platform.

Actionable predictive clinical analytics

We adopt a comprehensive method to offer advance predictions of potential patient complications through our solution. By evaluating various parameters, our solution generates a risk-based alert that significantly reduces the false alarm rate and predicts clinical deterioration. AistheSight's advanced model notifications are based on numerous features and intricate dependencies, resulting in lower false alarm rates. With this capability, we can provide highly precise and actionable notifications several minutes before an emergency situation arises, enabling timely and cost-effective responses while avoiding disruptive consequences.

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