Transforming Perioperative Care with the SICS Clinical Study


Innovating for Enhanced Patient Safety and Surgical Outcomes

In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, the drive towards enhancing patient safety and improving surgical outcomes has never been more critical. The SICS clinical study, funded by HosmartAI H2020, stands at the forefront of this transformative journey. Our project, centered around the development of a Smart Intraoperative Clinical Surveillance (SICS) platform, is pioneering the way towards a future where perioperative care is safer, more efficient, and seamlessly predictive.

Addressing the Challenge

Healthcare professionals face significant challenges in perioperative care, particularly in the real-time monitoring and prediction of intraoperative complications such as hypotension. These difficulties not only increase patient risk but also contribute to longer hospital stays and elevated healthcare costs. The absence of predictive capabilities and an integrated approach in current systems hampers early intervention, impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of surgical care.

Our Solution: The SICS Platform

The SICS platform is an AI-driven Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) designed to predict and prevent intraoperative complications, with an initial focus on hypotension. By integrating real-time patient data from multiple sources, including anaesthesia monitors and electronic health records (EHR), it offers healthcare professionals predictive insights through an AI-based risk score. This revolutionary tool not only enhances patient safety but also empowers clinicians with data-driven decision-making capabilities.

The ability of the SICS platform to predict complications before they occur enables proactive patient care. This approach significantly reduces the likelihood of adverse events, improving overall surgical outcomes and marking a significant leap forward in perioperative care.

Journey and Achievements

Our journey through the HosmartAI programme has been marked by significant milestones. After successfully navigating the initial phases – Design, followed by Develop, Deploy & Operate – we are now in the final stage, Assess. Here, we have been achieving remarkable results, showcasing the potential of our innovation in transforming healthcare.

Learn More in Our Pilot Video

Curious to see how innovative research is transforming perioperative care? Dive into the insights and breakthroughs of the SICS study with our insightful pilot video. Discover firsthand the feedback from its users, the detailed workings of our platform, and the expected results and benefits that underscore our commitment to advancing healthcare.

Watch the Pilot Video

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress and achievements in the SICS clinical study.