Why VIOSync

Empowering Healthcare with Precision and Proactivity

Uniting the power of AI with the intricacies of patient care, VIOSync transforms medical data into life-saving insights. It's not just about monitoring; it's about predicting and preventing. From detecting early signs of sepsis to seamlessly integrating with various healthcare technologies, VIOSync is the future of healthcare, today. It's your partner in ensuring efficient, accurate, and personalized patient care.
Choose VIOSync, because every second counts in saving lives.

Key Features

Device and EHR agnostic integration

VIOSync prides itself on its ability to function in harmony with the diverse technologies found in today's medical environments thanks to its interoperability with the HL7 FHIR protocols. Our system can integrate with any continuous monitoring device including wearables, bedside monitors and EHR. Whether it is capturing real-time vitals from bedside monitors, synthesizing long-term trends from wearable technology or extracting patients' medical history, VIOSync ensures that no data point is missed, no matter the source.

Patient Digital Twin via Multi-modal Data Fusion

The plethora of the data VIOSync utilizes brings unprecedented value to under-monitored patients and can personalize the prediction of multiple pathological states. Our platform allows the synthesis of a digital patient twin by fusing information from various sources such as EHRs, LIS, bedside monitors, and medical-grade wearables. This multidimensional approach enables a more nuanced understanding of patient conditions, facilitating early detection of critical health issues like sepsis or hypotension.

Personalized AI for adverse events prediction

VIOSync is powered by AI analytics able to generate early warning scores of hypotension (HIPI) and sepsis (SPI) tailored for each patient individually. It swiftly analyzes patient data in real-time, allowing for proactive healthcare interventions. HIPI and SPI informed risk scores create a scaling of the high-risk patients in the range of 0-100, indicating which one needs immediate intervention.

Explainable and clinical relevant alerting mechanism

We adopt a comprehensive method to offer advanced predictions of potential complications. Our predictive analytics can trigger a clinical alert 24-48 hours prior to the onset of sepsis or up to 2 hours for the onset of hypotension. VIOSync's advance model notifications are based on numerous patient data features and intricate dependencis resulting in lower false alarm rate. The clinicians receive an alert along with our insights that offer explainable feedback on the underlying etiology and contributing factors towards a risk of an adverse event. With this capability, we can provide highly precise and actionable notifications hours before an emergency situation arises, enabling timely and cost-effective responses while avoiding disruptive consequences.

Secure and compliant

At Aisthesis Medical, we understand the importance of data security and compliance. VIOSync is built to meet the highest standards of data protection, adhering to HIPAA, GDPR, and utilizing HTTPS and SSL encryption to safeguard patient information during transfer and at rest.

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